samba-gtk as a separate tree?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sat Feb 10 18:48:04 GMT 2007

I would like to propose to remove the Gtk+ utilities from the current
Samba4 branch and maintain them as a separate tree. There are
several reasons for doing so:

 * The Samba 4 tree is getting big. Some build farm hosts (AIX IIRC) are already
   complaining about too much arguments being passed to the linker,

   Disk space is also a concern. Only some people will be interested
   in Gtk+ frontends.

 * No big upstream to track for package maintainers. Handling a
   project with 20 binary packages is much easier than handling a
   project with 40 or 50.

   The build dependencies are also a bit saner without the gtk stuff.
 * Less difference in possible build environments (only two or three
   build farm hosts build the Gtk+ stuff)

 * Incentive to keep the shared library stuff working

 * GUI stuff isn't really a core part of Samba anyway. Only a small
   part of our users will be interested in it.

There's admittedly a bit of overlap between some of the reasons mentioned above.

The only good reason for keeping the utilities I can think of is that
it lowers the boundary for users to check them out.

Any objections or other comments? If not, I'd like to remove the gtk+ utilities
from Subversion and maintain them as a separate Bazaar tree on



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