OpenChange MAPI library implementation and Samba4 light library set

Julien Kerihuel j.kerihuel at
Thu Feb 8 03:49:17 GMT 2007


Here are some news from the openchange project. For a couple of weeks now, we 
have been working on the MAPI library implementation and had some success 
against Exchange 2000. Here is a set of features of this experimental 

- fetching mails from the user inbox on the Exchange Server
- delete mails from the user inbox on the Exchange Server
- send mails with or without attachments to users in the Exchange organization
- recipients names resolution against the Windows Address Book.

We have a couple of torture tests that perform the tasks mentioned above. The 
documentation on how to run the test can be found on the openchange wiki with 
parametric option description + sample torture test output:

The openchange code can be fetched on our svn at the following address:

svn co

To compile the code, there's a howto and a sample smb.conf.example file in the 
doc directory but here is a brief overview on how to compile the code:
./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba
make && make install
vi /usr/local/samba/etc/smb.conf

You may experience some missing path problem with the make install. As a 
workaround edit the torture.pc file and remove the private stuff (sorry the 
offense Jelmer ;p)

Now what's the next step for us:

1. As mentioned earlier, this is an experimental version which also means  
*with bugs*. We have to fix them, remove inconstency hardcoded values etc.

2. We have to design a library with a robust architecture we can deliver under 
the MAILOOK tag name for SambaXP. 

3. We'll need to have a tarball version of the library which doesn't require 
people to install the whole Samba4 code while they would only need a couple 
of library to run libmapi and develop with it.

4. As a proof concept, we'll try to have a working evolution plugin for 
SambaXP which relies on libmapi and Samba4 library.



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