Debugging 3.0.23d Winbindd

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Feb 7 10:08:39 GMT 2007

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dhruva wrote:
> On 2/7/07, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> wrote:
>> IIRC.  Other than than, the best trick I found is just to
>> attach to the correct winbindd.  Of course, you have to
>> figure that out.  The "debug pid" & "debug timestamp" options
>> are helpful here for the log files.
>> And I find inserting sleep() calls in the code in order to
>> give me time to attach is helpful.
> Though I have not tried this personally on UNIXes: IMO, you can add a
> small piece of code in winbind to spawn a debugger and attach to
> itself. May be, you could use smbrun (for the spawning part) for that.
> We use something similar on VMS. The same thing is doable on Windows
> using call to 'int 3' which attaches the process to a registered JIT
> (Just in time) debugger.

Another trick is setting the "panic action" to spawn gdb
in an xterm or calling sleep and then sprinkling the code
with smb_panic() calls.  Of course, this makes it impossible
to continue but does help if you think that something
shouldn't be happening in the first place.

cheers, jerry
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