Debugging 3.0.23d Winbindd

dhruva dhruvakm at
Wed Feb 7 05:28:52 GMT 2007

On 2/7/07, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> wrote:
> IIRC.  Other than than, the best trick I found is just to
> attach to the correct winbindd.  Of course, you have to
> figure that out.  The "debug pid" & "debug timestamp" options
> are helpful here for the log files.
> And I find inserting sleep() calls in the code in order to
> give me time to attach is helpful.

Though I have not tried this personally on UNIXes: IMO, you can add a
small piece of code in winbind to spawn a debugger and attach to
itself. May be, you could use smbrun (for the spawning part) for that.
We use something similar on VMS. The same thing is doable on Windows
using call to 'int 3' which attaches the process to a registered JIT
(Just in time) debugger.


Dhruva Krishnamurthy
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