patch for samba4

tridge at tridge at
Wed Feb 7 00:48:39 GMT 2007


 > > The reason: torture/rpc/rpc.c:120: warning: assignment discards
 > > qualifiers from pointer target type
 > > patch name: rpc.patch
 > Committed, thanks.

Did you test this Jelmer?

I know it gets rid of a warning, but it doesn't look right to me. I
haven't tried it, but it looks like this will cause a crash with that

With the patch we now store the pointer like this:

       const struct dcerpc_interface_table *table;
       tcase->data = (void *)&table;

and retrieve it like this:

	status = torture_rpc_connection(tctx, 
				(struct dcerpc_pipe **)data, 
				(const struct dcerpc_interface_table *)tctx->active_tcase->data);

that will crash, as tcase->data now contains a stack value from a
returned function. So it points off into space.

I think the correct fix is:

       tcase->data = discard_const(table);

alternatively, make tcase->data a const.

Another example of "don't just fix a warning, fix the bug" :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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