Problem about SAMBA slower day by day

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Tue Feb 6 09:42:04 GMT 2007

francis wrote:
> Dear Support,
> I am planing to use SAMBA and OpenLDAP to replace old NT4 PDC and BDC.
> After set up the Samba PDC, I use command " free -m" to check the memory 
> of the PDC. I found that it has used 250 MB, free 6MB only, so what is 
> your professional recommend the hardware?
> Now my hardware configure is:
> CPU: 2.8 G
> Ram : 256 MB
> Hard disk: 8.6 GB (about used 3 GB, free 5GB)
> And the PDC is coming  slower and slower day by day
> Please find the attachment file for the PDC and DDC configuration file.

I don't know if technical list is the most appropriate one... perhaps may be useful.

Several advices:
Read in the "samba-howto" or "samba by example", etc. about the memory 
requirements (you may runs also very short of disk space).

Also consider that:
- you not provide data about number of users
- the LDAP runs in the same machine, and the slapd.conf don't show any 
reference about cache size directives... the ldap is very sensible about 
caches, memory and so...
- the PDB/BDC sync section says the use of rsync for synchronization for 
  netlogon... for the *.bat I suppose  (the profiles are roaming?)
- perhaps you should replace the /etc/passwd with pam_dap (ldap 
posixAccount) also.
- please, follow the samba-howto collection steps.
- your configuration files have a lot of comments, pretty unreadable, 
please, use/post clear ones.

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