Problem about SAMBA slower day by day

francis at
Tue Feb 6 07:21:40 GMT 2007

Dear Support,

I am planing to use SAMBA and OpenLDAP to replace old NT4 PDC and BDC.

After set up the Samba PDC, I use command " free -m" to check the memory 
of the PDC. I found that it has used 250 MB, free 6MB only, so what is 
your professional recommend the hardware?

Now my hardware configure is:
CPU: 2.8 G
Ram : 256 MB
Hard disk: 8.6 GB (about used 3 GB, free 5GB)

And the PDC is coming  slower and slower day by day

Please find the attachment file for the PDC and DDC configuration file.

Always support Linux and Samba !!

Thank you so much!!!

Best Regards,


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