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Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Sun Feb 4 22:58:37 GMT 2007


Today I watched smbd with strace under nbench load. It seems
that tdb_delete is not the cheapest operation. It has 3
nested lock/unlock pairs. The hash chain, the record itself
for protection against races with traverse, and then the
freelist. Then I remembered one of our biggest scalability
problems: The freelist in connections.tdb.

What do you think about the following: We do a "lazy"
tdb_delete. Every process just marks the record it is about
to delete as dead. If this process is about to tdb_insert
something that fits, we have space in the tdb available. If
a second record is about to be deleted, we actually do the
delete on one of both. Not sure which one to pick, the
earlier, the smaller?

I think this has the potential to reduce contention on the
freelist considerably, in particular as we have quite a few
short-lived share mode records these days, look for example
at can_delete().

An obvious extension we would have to do is to properly
clean up the records marked as dead in case a process dies.

What do you think? Worth spending some time on? Might be
simpler to implement than multiple freelists.

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