Log on to a samba sever through a website link

Changyao Chen cc2759 at columbia.edu
Fri Dec 28 17:24:05 GMT 2007

Hi there


I'm a student from Columbia University, New York, who is building our group
website using Adobe Dreamweaver. Our sever is running on a Mac Mini which
running as a Samba sever. I can log on to the Mac from my personal computer
by "start" -> "run", and type in the domain address, so the sever is


Now I try to access the sever from our website, by clicking some button or
hyperlink that could pop out a dialogue to let me type in the user name and
password, then log on to the sever, by this method, I could let all the
members from our group, who know the username and password access the sever
easily, but not someone else. Just wondering is that possible, say by using
Dreamweaver, just simply add some link? Look forward your response and
really appreciate your help.





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