about samba-3.0.28 group share problem

=?big5?B?vker2LK7?= joejoe at saturn.yzu.edu.tw
Sat Dec 22 08:44:28 GMT 2007

Dear All,

My OS is FreeBSD 6.2-stable and samba is 3.0.28
I would like to share a folder for MIS group.
In system the MIS group can read-write this folder .
But I can't use samba to do that..
Could you check with my setting is correct or not?

My setting is

smb.conf is

workgroup =3D YZ

security =3D ads
password server =3D
realm =3D MIS.LOCAL
socket options =3D TCP_NODELAY
local master =3D no
domain master =3D no
preferred master =3D no
domain logons =3D no
wins support =3D no
dns proxy =3D no
allow trusted domains =3D No
idmap backend =3D idmap_rid:DOMAIN=3D2000-100000
idmap uid =3D 2000-100000
idmap gid =3D 2000-100000
template homedir =3D /home/%U
template shell =3D /sbin/nologin
winbind cache time =3D 3600
winbind nested groups =3D Yes
winbind use default domain =3D Yes

path =3D /home/mis
comment =3D " MIS Directories"
browseable =3D no
read only =3D no
create mask =3D 0775
directory mask =3D 0775
write list =3D @mis


folder permission=20
drwxrwxr-x    8 root     mis          512 12 20 12:51 mis

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