New feature for winbindd

Pedro de Medeiros pedrovmm+lists at
Thu Dec 13 12:40:51 GMT 2007

Hi, list.

I am thinking of implementing a new feature in winbindd that
allows me to do this in smb.conf:

idmap uid = | /usr/local/bin/getmynumber %U
idmap gid = | /usr/local/bin/getmynumber %U

Basically it will get new uids and gids from an application,
instead of allocating new uids and gids serially for users as
they first login to the host. After that, the uid/gid could still
be stored in the tdb database.

So it is the application's job to guarantee that uid is unique,
but that is besides the point.

I am willing to write a patch if there is interest in this
feature. :)


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