Remove unused stuff from winbindd

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Dec 12 08:30:00 GMT 2007

>> I'd like to remove some unused code from winbindd:
>>   and WINBINDD_DUAL_NAME2GID are not used at all anywhere.
> strange.
>> - WINBINDD_DUMP_MAPS is not used anywhere. Also the disign
>>   of it is really bad (the client passes a filename and winbindd
>>   dumps to this file on the local filesystem).
>>   It would be better to implement a function that returns all mapping
>>   to the client and the client can display or store the content.
> Yeah kill this please.


>> - WINBINDD_DUAL_SIDS2XIDS is disabled (#if 0) currently and I'd like to
>>   remove it. Unused code is broken code and we can get it easily back
>>   from the git history.
> Except for this which I'd like to revive soon.

What means soon days/weeks/month ?

I'm currently converting the winbindd internal messaging to the NDR
based protocol and I it's pointless to convert code that's not compiled
at all.

I agree the feature would be really usefull and we should readd it,
the question is just, does that happens before or after 3.2.0.
If you plan that for 3.2.0 then I'll leave it in otherwise
I'd propose to reimplement it on top of the new NDR based protocol.

I hope to get the NDR based stuff ready for 3.2.1.

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