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feroz ahmed wrote:
> Dear Samba Team,
> I have few questions regarding GPO and samba.
> Currently samba supports the following commands excepty "APPLY".

Yes, this is currently not yet implemented in upstream samba versions.

> net ads gpo <COMMAND>
> <COMMAND> can be either:
>   APPLY        Apply GPOs for machine/user
>   GETGPO       Lists specified GPO
>   HELP         Prints this help message
>   LINKADD      Link a container to a GPO
>   LINKGET      Lists gPLink of a containter
>   LIST         Lists all GPOs for machine/user
>   LISTALL      Lists all GPOs on a DC
>   REFRESH      Lists all GPOs assigned to an account and downloads them
> I would like to retrieve Group Policy for Active directory and apply it to
> samba.

It would be very helpful if you could tell in what parts of Group Policy
you are in particular interested. Can you point out some primary areas
of interest ?

> Can i do it with "net ads gpo APPLY" command? once samba team provides
> support for "APPLY" command?

There is currently work in progress to make this work for at least some
parts of GPO (like scripts, registry and security settings). I hope to
be able to push my current Group Policy tree up to soon.


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