Setting "winbind separator" to '\' in smb.conf

Johann Hanne jhml at
Sun Apr 29 11:01:57 GMT 2007


there is currently no obvious way to explicitly set the winbind separator to 
'\' in smb.conf. Even worse, the default given in the man page of smb.conf is 

winbind separator = '\'

This will actually set the separator to a single quote ('). Similarly,

winbind separator = "\"

will set it to a double quote ("). People may also think that

winbind separator = \\

works. And yes, the separator will be \ indeed, but the next line in the 
config file will have no effect, because it's taken as continuation of the 
winbind separator line.

One way that works is

winbind separator = \garbage

but imho this is not really obvious.

Thus, this should either either be fixed so that '\' and "\" both work as 
expected, or the problem should be described in the man page!

Comments, please?

Cheers, Johann

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