Vista and roaming profiles

Kenneth MacDonald K.MacDonald at
Thu Apr 26 20:33:13 GMT 2007

>>>>> "Jerry" == Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> writes:

    Jerry> This was strange so I thought I would pass it along.
    Jerry> Windows Vista client joined to a Windows 2003 AD domain.
    Jerry> User have roaming profiles stored on a Samba server with
    Jerry> the share:

    Jerry> [profiles] preexec = /etc/samba/scripts/create_profile %U
    Jerry> %a path = /data/smb/c/profiles/%U/%a comment = Roaming user
    Jerry> profile storage create mask = 0600 directory mask = 0700
    Jerry> profile acls = yes

    Jerry> All users have the roaming profile path of \\elm\profiles

    Jerry> But Vista tries to access the profile path of
    Jerry> \\elm\profiles.V2 So I had to create another share in
    Jerry> smb.conf to make it happy.

    Jerry> [profiles.V2] copy = profiles

Vista clients take the profile path from the AD user object and add
".V2" because XP (and before) profiles are not compatible with Vista

In a Windows only environment, the profile paths would normally point
to something like \\server\share\username so adding ".V2" to the end
doesn't change the share name, but the directory name.

I haven't come across the "copy = ..." construct before, but if it's
used in this case to point XP and Vista clients at the same directory
on the server for the user profiles, then user data is at risk.

Thought it's best to have this clarified for the archives :)


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