Feature Request homedir and shell mapping per user

Wayne Rasmussen Wayne at gomonarch.com
Thu Apr 26 19:24:03 GMT 2007

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Wayne Rasmussen wrote:
> Need to have more control over user home directory and shell than is
> provided by the settings such as template homedir and template shell.
> A system which would allow explicit mapping of home directories and 
> shells would provide a control that doesn't exist in our current
> implementation and would allow for a variety of configuration
> possibilities.
	Should I assume you have different departments
	with different default locations and shells, all
	served from the same samba and winbindd?

Yes.  My main concern is the home directory mapping.  Currently the
shell mapping isn't an issue, but it seems reasonable to address this at
the same time.

The site, is primarily a MS windows site with over 10,000 users.  There
are six Windows 2003 Servers as the domain controllers. There are many
hundreds of OUs which represent member offices, committees, admins and
other SIGs.

If the situation were simple, the default group might have been
possible.  However, admins being admins, they frequently somehow create
accounts where the default group is domain users rather than the
appropriate group. There are cases where the default department group
isn't possible for a user such as admins or committee people.

The mapping would address our issues.  For example, a getent passwd user
would have the mapped home directory in it.


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