Detect Vista symlinks with libsmbclient

derrell at derrell at
Wed Apr 25 16:43:48 GMT 2007

Henrik Zagerholm <henke at> writes:

> I've just started to experiment with Vista and I wonder if I can somehow
> tell if a file object is an ordinary file or a symlink/junction?
> As I understand it I will not be able to follow symlinks until the
> implementation of SMB2 so in the meantime I would like to ignore  those files
> (instead of throwing a bunch of EBADF).
> Any ideas?

Henrik, have you tried calling smbc_stat() on a symlink to see what it gives
you?  There may be some useful bit set in the mode field.

If that doesn't provide any useful information, please post a bugzilla ticket
for this.  I expect to have a Vista environment available to me fairly soon,
at which time I'll be able to look into this.



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