Samba 3.0.25rc2 error in

Henrik Zagerholm henke at
Fri Apr 20 13:20:22 GMT 2007


We are trying to compile samba_3.0.25. ./configure, make, make  
install all seems to work and runs without any errors.
The problems starts when we try to use
We have a program that links with and after upgrading  
from SAMBA_3_0 revision 18029 to "Version 3.0.25rc2-SVN-build-22402"  
I get lots of different error messages similar to "undefined  
reference to `smbc_open'" when I compile our program.

We did a test program and compared our old with the  
new one. It basically opens it (using dlopen) and searches for a  
symbol (using dlsym) for example "smbc_open". The test program  
succeeds in opening both files, but it will only find the symbols in  
the old one.

I've included our test program called sotest.

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