ctdb update

Peter Somogyi psomogyi at gamax.hu
Fri Apr 20 12:56:26 GMT 2007

Hi Tridge,

My bzr send plugin doesn't work nowadays so I report it here as well.
I've made infiniband part working again. Unfortunately, it needs your 
attention as well since it was necessary to change your code.

- ctdb/ib minor bugfixes (error case)
- make ctdb capable of alternative connection (like ib) again, solved the fork 
- do_debug memory overwrite fix (occured using ibwrapper_test with wrong ip 
address given), see my prev. mail to Volker (we can revert this in case 
Volker rejects it - but anyway, this little change just helps, it won't hurt)

Please merge my branch.
Thank you in advance.

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