API data file installation lost in move from qooxdoo 0.6.3 to 0.6.5

John Jorgensen jorgensen.john at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 02:54:37 GMT 2007

I don't understand qooxdoo's resource file facilities well enough to
be sure, but I think that in the transition from using qooxdoo 0.6.3
to 0.6.5, swat may have lost the API documentation viewer's data file.

It could be that I just messed something up with my own experiments,
so before anybody reads the text that follows, check whether you can
see any documentation using the API viewer from with swat, post
adoption of qooxdoo 0.6.3.  If you can, I goofed, and you can ignore
the rest of this message.

I wasn't able to see the API documentation from with swat's
Documentation module.  Hunting around for what I might have broken, I
noticed that in the old qooxdoo-0.6.3-sdk/frontend/api/Makefile, the
generator.py command says:

 --api-documentation-json-file source/script/data.js

while the qooxdoo-0.6.5-sdk/frontend/application/apiviewer/Makefile says:

 --api-documentation-json-file $(APPLICATION_PATH)/build/script/apidata.js

I.e., the name of the data file seems to have changed from "data.js"
to "apidata.js".

The application files taken straight from qooxdoo-0.6.5 seem to
reflect this name change. That is,
qooxdoo-0.6.3-sdk/frontend/api/source/index.html used to say:


while qooxdoo-0.6.5-sdk/frontend/application/apiviewer/source/class/apiviewer/Application.js
now says:


But the swat's version of these files seem to still use the old name.
swat/source/class/swat/module/documentation/Documentation.js  says:


I tried just replacing "data.js" with "apidata.js" in
Documentation.js, but that did not suffice to make the documentation
visible.  I needed to also run "make api" by hand in the webapps/swat/
directory, then copy webapps/swat/api/script/apidata.js to the
$DESTDIR/share/webapps/script, before the GUI documentation viewer
could show me anything.  I.e., it seems to me that the normal build
and installation procedure does not install the GUI documentation (but
I'm especially tentative in that observation, since I find myself
getting lost in qooxdoo's elaborate facilities for installing resource

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