NetBench problem

jiri sasek - Sun Microsystems - Prague Czech Republic Jiri.Sasek at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 18 12:08:37 GMT 2007

Hi all

We have the following problem:

- QA team using netbench raised a problem to having a >20% performance 
regression on samba shares between the 3.0.21c and 3.0.24 versions of samba.

- we tried to reproduce it by smbtorture using the Tridge's client.txt 
and we obtained the performance diffs between the 
3.0.0-3.0.9-3.0.10-3.0.21c-3.0.24 "flat" (diffs was no more than 1-2%)

- we trying to find a root cause of this different results. We found the 
client.txt was obtained snooping the traffic of the NetBench of the 
version ~=3.


- is there anybody who has the client.txt derived from the NetBench v7 
traffic or who is experienced with the creating it?

- is anybody know the differences which can cause such performance drop?

Thank you in advance for any idea.



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