msdfs and AD troubles

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri Apr 13 18:42:58 GMT 2007

On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 01:49:27PM -0400, Jim McDonough wrote:
> Jerry, here are two captures of what I mentioned earlier.  Basically, when
> kerberos authentication happens (I've connected to a server using its own
> netbios name, the one that was used during join), the q_path_info (frame 73)
> does not have the dfs bit on in flags2.  When we fall back to ntlm (I
> connect to the same server using a netbios alias which does not have an spn
> in AD, so the TGS_REQ fails, not because the user's prinicpal is wrong, but
> because the server's principal is unknown), the q_path_info (frame 71) has
> the dfs bit on.  My DC is 2k3, client is 2k pro.
> What I'm wondering is do we have to have some other missing piece in for
> AD.

What version of the server are you using here ? I know you're not
using current SAMBA_3_0_25 'cos the client is requesting an extended
tconX response in frame 42 in the dfs-krb5.cap and the server is not
responding with the 7 word response. I fixed that for 3.0.25rc1.

This may matter.


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