svn commit: samba r22202 - in branches/SAMBA_3_0/source/nsswitch: .

tridge at tridge at
Fri Apr 13 05:05:18 GMT 2007


 > Paranoid thinking, that's all. Haven't got a corrupt
 > file that shows it - but I will try and create one :-).

ok, thanks :)

You could also consider using transactions on this tdb. Transactions
only affect write speed, and I suspect write speed isn't so critical
on this tdb, as we should only be writing to the tdb after we've done
an operation on a remote DC, so I'd guess the speed of the remote
operation will swamp the transaction fsync/msync time.

Ideally we would use transactions (or ldb which uses transactions
underneath) on all long lived databases in Samba. Then we can have a
smb.conf parameter which enables the TDB_NOSYNC flag in tdb_open calls
for people who want speed instead of safety. 

That flag leaves the same transaction API, but just disables the
fsync/msync calls, so it means we are safe against kill -9, but not
safe against system crashes. It also makes it fast again :)

Cheers, Tridge

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