samba profiling and pcp pmda

Alison Winters alisonw at
Thu Apr 12 03:37:12 GMT 2007

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> 2 things - as you mentioned, this code needs to be
> individual copyright, not SGI. Secondly, this
> code is currently GPLv2 *only*. We need "GPLv2 or
> any later version" headers for Samba, as we're
> planning to go to v3.
The patch i posted is actually all James Peach's stuff, so i'm guessing
he can reassign copyright however he chooses (and in fact, one of the
patches appears to do just that).  That said, if we do move the Samba
PMDA out of Samba and into PCP then this will be much less of a problem :-)


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