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Mon Apr 9 01:32:26 GMT 2007

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> Author: jelmer
> Date: 2007-04-09 00:53:05 +0000 (Mon, 09 Apr 2007)
> New Revision: 22134
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> Create different smb.conf file for the client side. This should make use with Samba 3 or windows easier as well as environments.

Hi Jelmer,

I'm not quite sure what you have in mind, and I don't know if this is
relevant, but just in case...

In libsmbclient, we care about client-side configuration which may differ from
the server configuration.  Here, in pseudo code, is what it does:

    // Try to load a personal smb.conf file
    if (lp_load($HOME/.smb/smb.conf) != SUCCESS)
      // If that failed, try to load the system smb.conf file
      if (lp_load(dyn_CONFIGFILE) == SUCCESS)
        // If that succeeded,  allow local changes by appending settings
        // in their personal smb.conf.append file.

This handles the case where one wants to have their own entire smb.conf file,
but also where the system-wide smb.conf file should be used but a few changes
to its settings made for client use in smb.conf.append.



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