libsmbclient access to Vista shares

derrell at derrell at
Sat Apr 7 14:13:50 GMT 2007

I had my first opportunity, yesterday, to test libsmbclient against Vista.
It's broken.  We can not enumerate nor access Vista shares.  I was using code
from trunk as of Thursday night.  This will likely affect konqueror and
gnome's browser, so it'd be nice to get it fixed.

I compared packet traces of access using examples/libsmbclient/testbrowse to
Vista and to W2k.  It appears that W2k somehow negotiates NTLMSSP but Vista
does not.  I don't see any differences in the negotiation packets and I don't
know the protocol well enough to know where/how that happens (or what
difference it makes).

I also compared what libsmbclient is doing vs. what the cifs driver (which is
able to access Vista shares) does.  When attempting to enumerate shares, for
some reason, libsmbclient is not using the provided username/password on the
session setup, but rather "anonymous" and the NetShareEnum on IPC$ fails.

I will look into why the session setup is not using the correct username and
password, but I'm confused about why it works against W2k.

Given my lack of knowledge about the negotiated security protocols, I'll
likely need a bunch of help to figure out what's going on here.  I also don't
have regular access to Vista, so my ability to test this is extremely limited.
Jeremy or Jerry, if you want to look into it, the testbrowse example is an
easy way to work with it.

Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated!



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