Samba logging behavior on new files

Bala balamurugana at
Wed Apr 4 19:22:40 GMT 2007

Hi jerry,

> > 
> > Linux clients and Windows clients do different operations
> > to achieve the same result.  What are you expecting?
> > 
> Strangely, sometimes Samba does not make logs on file 
> creation/deletion when I use Windows client.  Also, files 
> created by others (GNU/Linux clients or local file copy) are 
> not shown in Windows client.

I upgraded samba server to version 3.0.23c-2.2.  When I use 
Windows XP client, samba server generates logs on new file 
creation.  After a while, it stops generating logs on new file.

Is it known bug or behavior?
Are there any fixes available?

Thank in advance,


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