[PATCH] Regexp filter mechanism for the browse list

Moritz Mühlenhoff muehlenhoff at univention.de
Tue Apr 3 14:57:03 GMT 2007

we implemented a browse list filter mechanism for a customer with a very large 
environment of Windows clients. 

By configuring a regular expression in the newly introduced config 
option "browse_dat filter" a list of hosts can be suppressed to appear in the 
browse list.

The check has been added to several places in the code, where it appeared to 
be needed. However, in our internal QA tests only the filter check in 
nmbd_serverlistdb.c has been triggered. I'm not overly familiar with the 
Samba code base; if you believe the checks in nmbd_sendannounce.c and 
nmbd_synclists.c are superfluos, please tell and I can respin the patch.

regexp(3) is POSIX, so I included it unconditionally in includes.h. If you 
need additional changes or prefer a different configuration item name or  
other stylistic changes, please speak out.

Moritz Mühlenhoff muehlenhoff at univention.de     fon: +49 421 22 232- 0
Development        Linux for Your Business       fax: +49 421 22 232-99
Univention GmbH    http://www.univention.de/   mobil: +49 175 22 999 23
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