[SAMBA4] Time for another tech preview?

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Fri Sep 29 22:22:00 GMT 2006


 > I think you might have some misconceptions of Samba 4.
 > Samba 4 is architecture and technology.  The name is
 > slightly misleading in that it implies that this particular
 > code base will become the successor to the current Samba
 > 3.0.x releases.  It would have been better to give it a
 > code name rather than a numeric release. But that is all
 > in hindsight.

I think perhaps you have read more into the resarch tag than I
intended. When I described Samba4 as a research branch, I said:

  Perhaps you should try describing Samba4 as the research arm of
  Samba development? I want it to turn into a release, but I would
  have no problems with you describing it to your managers as a
  research effort if that helps.

The "I want it to turn into a release" part still holds. It isn't a
release yet, but I am not working on it for purely academic reasons. 

So I do want to see a Samba 4.0 release happen, and I expect that
release will have a lot in common with the current SAMBA_4_0 branch.

I think another TP is a good idea, and you are dead right that people
should not look at the TP and go "oh no! Samba is abandoning
printing!". Clearly the TP will be missing major features that people
have come to expect from Samba. It will still be a useful release
though, as it might encourage more feedback on the parts that are
nearing completion.

Cheers, Tridge

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