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Fri Sep 29 18:51:06 GMT 2006

At the CIFS conference, Tridge suggested that we should consider
providing an automated way for development snapshots of Samba4 to be
produced, without the requirement for human intervention that has
plagued the concept of Samba4 snapshots in the past.

The idea, as I understand it, is to have a bot watching the Samba4 build
farm results, and when a particular SVN revision has 'passed' on a
selected number of 'stable' build farm machines, that SAMBA4 be merged
into a 'stable' branch. 

This could then be released as tarballs, with some hope that users may
be able to pick these up, and use them in testing environments, with
some degree of confidence.

This I see as adjunct to the 'Technology Preview' process, which aims to
get 'known stable' releases with new features, for people to understand
our progress, and which we can make news releases for.

Andrew Bartlett
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