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William Marshall bmarsh at
Fri Sep 29 18:26:23 GMT 2006

Ladislav Ardo wrote on 09/28/2006 08:05:20 AM:

> since a couple of weeks, we got a strange problem and since I can't find
> any reference to it I though I post it here. 
> Here is the situation:
> We've got Samba version 3.0.23c running of FreeBSD 6.2 in our NT Active
> Directory domain. We got an NT4 Terminal Server SP6 (Yes I know...)
> where users are connecting into using ICA, mapping their profile and
> homedirs at logon, located on aforementioned SAMBA server.
> Users get intermittently a problem - their homedirectory gets
> occassionally disconnected. When attempting to reconnect (click on the
> drive) users get a message that "the drive letter is in use". Runing
> "net use Z: /DELETE" and "net use Z: \\servername\homedir" reconnects
> the drive and all is working perfectly again.
We debugged this problem or something very similar with MS around April 
2003 under problem # SRX021203603039 and a hotfix was generated, but I 
can't find what the hotfix # is or was. Unfortunately, w/ NT you were 
hoping for a Samba problem. 

Are you using MS DFS links? That is what we think was the root of our 
problem. I think in 2003 we still had our Terminal Server users on win2000 
file servers, but we were redirecting them all through a samba MS dfs 

It has been awhile, but I'm pretty sure the problem was related to the 
profiles/hives being 1/2 loaded, 1/2 unloaded somewhere in the registry 
where all the sessions are listed. (These are the hex session numbers you 
see in tsadmin) There were entries for specific drive mappings and in some 
cases, even when noone was connected to a session, the drive mapping 
stuck. When a new person connected to that session, you'd see the drive 
letter in use error. 

I found this in one of my old emails from MS that might help you find a 
Using terminal server manager the session ID needs to be found for a user 
that is not able map the dfs share. Then using  WinObj.exe under the 
sessions area look at the session ID -1 for the user and then view the 
DosDevices for that session.  Scrolling to the alphbetical location for 
the user home share is it in the list (If the drive is U: is there a U: in 
the list?)  If so then the drive is in use and then we would need to see 
if the previous users failed to unload their profile correctly.

Bill Marshall
Integrated Technology Delivery, Server Operations

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