Constantly running out of sessionid's.

Harald Hannelius harald at
Wed Sep 27 07:41:48 GMT 2006

Hi there,

I have a samba-server as a PDC with the ldap passwd backend. Posixaccounts 
are resolved via nss_ldap. We have been running successfully for years.

getent passwd returns around 4300 lines.

We are running out of sessionids. I have understood that the maximum is 
3000 as per default, and I even tried with MAX_SESSION_ID 3844.

I have compiled samba with-utmp and without-utmp, no change.

I have tried stopping samba (a bit sad on a productionserver since people 
have to log out and in again) and removing the sessionid.tdb cache-file 
and restarting samba.

After a few days of normal operation I have noted that we are slowly but 
shurely running out of sessionids. 

Is there any known problem with the sessionid database? Is there any quick 
fix on this, can I, for instance, delete the database through tdbtool 
while samba is running?

tdb> info
3174 records totalling 4926048 bytes

# smbstatus|wc -l

The current version we're running is 3.0.23c. We experienced running 
out of sessionds with 3.0.10 as well (I think it was 3.0.10).

Many thanks for any input on this,


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