Support for NetWkstaGetInfo()

bash 0x62ash at
Sat Sep 23 03:48:19 GMT 2006

 Hello all,
This patch will add support for NetWkstaGetInfo() function via ``net
rap wksinfo'' command.

But i have some questions:

1) I found code for NetWkstaGetInfo() which is used for
cli_get_server_domain() [libsmb/clirap2.c], but no one programs uses
this function. I've decided don't touch this function, but add new one
(very similar)

2) As I see at [smbd/lanman.c] smbd will reply to NetWkstaGetInfo
request with username (at field 2). But MSDN specification doesn't says
about username, just about number of users who are logged on to the
local computer (level = 102).
This is little confuse me :/

If you're interesting why this all? :)
Answer is very simple, I don't know any other methods to obtain
work-group via 445 port.

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