C99 support in Samba 3

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Sun Sep 17 07:00:55 GMT 2006


 > "Proper" C99 support requires a conforming C99 libc library. If you
 > don't wish to use any of the new C99 functions, then you're ok

right. The only C99 feature we are reliant on so far is the structure
initialisation using named fields.

We do use some other C99 C library functions, but we replace those
functions (such as snprintf) if they are not sufficiently compliant
for our needs.

This allows us to work on a much wider range of systems than we would
if we required strict C99 compliance. This is a similar approach to
what we took when we first switched to requiring some ansi C features,
and dropped support for older K&R C compilers (such as the SunOS4 cc,
and the Ultrix 3 cc).

Cheers, Tridge

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