socket_wrapper vs heimdal

tridge at tridge at
Sat Sep 16 18:09:22 GMT 2006


 > The license of the code is GPL, that wont fly in Heimdal that is BSD  
 > licensed.

I wouldn't worry about that. I certainly don't mind changing the
license on socket_wrapper to be usable by Heimdal, and I don't think
Jelmer or Metze would mind either, although we should ask them (svn
annotate only shows Metze, Jelmer and myself, apart from 1 line that
Andrew did).

 > The is no support for ipv6, and one of my test hosts only returns
 > ::1 for localhost which the test assumes, so the tests didn't pass
 > because the kdc didn't bind to any sockets. The current scheme for
 > bcast doesn't work for ipv6, since there is only one localhost
 > address.

that should be fixable I think.

 > The non samba build ifdefs doesn't work, it doesnt include the right  
 > header
 > files (DLIST), doesn't define _PUBLIC_, etc.

definately worth fixing

btw, I assume this is aimed at the standalone heimdal testing in the
build farm, not the use within Samba ?

Cheers, Tridge

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