socket_wrapper vs heimdal

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Sat Sep 16 17:47:29 GMT 2006


Andrew Bartlet asked if I could add socket_wrapper support for Heimdal
to simply testing on test hosts, and I just tried to do that by  
socket_wrapper.h in roken.h/socket_wrapper.c in libroken.
There was some issues.

The is no support for ipv6, and one of my test hosts only returns ::1  
localhost which the test assumes, so the tests didn't pass because the
kdc didn't bind to any sockets. The current scheme for bcast doesn't
work for ipv6, since there is only one localhost address.

The non samba build ifdefs doesn't work, it doesnt include the right  
files (DLIST), doesn't define _PUBLIC_, etc.

The license of the code is GPL, that wont fly in Heimdal that is BSD  
If that doesn't change I'll re-implement enough to get it working
(heimdal doesn't need broadcast, etc).


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