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tridge at tridge at
Fri Sep 15 23:54:39 GMT 2006


 > > When changing a field name in idl, please remember to check for use of
 > > those functions in any js code as well.
 > So what needs to be run other than 'make'?

There are two ways to find all the places that need changing. The
first is to grep for the field name or function name and the 2nd way
is to rely on the test suite failing and work it out from there.

In this particular example, grepping for winreg_OpenKey in the tree
would find the place where it is used in
source/scripting/libjs/winreg.js, As that is a script, it is not
syntax checked at compile time, so you can't find that it is affected
by the change of the field name with just 'make', but once you find
the usage of the IDL function that has been changed then updating the
js file is quite trivial.

You can also just run 'make test', and in this case that did show a
failure as winreg.js is tested quite well, but I agree with your
comment on IRC that a test failure isn't as obvious as it could be. If
you don't want to scroll through all the output then you would have
needed to notice the "TEST STATUS: N" at the end where "N" is not
equal to zero. I've now changed that to give a nice big "TESTSUITE
FAILED" message with lots of ascii-art emphasis around it :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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