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Fri Sep 15 21:36:47 GMT 2006

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> but be aware that even if you change to a ref ptr, you also need to
> change all the client code to set all the return variables in the out
> part of the structure. That's why I don't like the MIDL restriction of
> forcing the use of ref pointers for output variables - it makes life
> much harder when writing client code, and makes the code much more
> error prone (just look at all the extra code needed to make this work
> again).
> I know we could auto-allocate these variables in the generated client
> side NDR code, but if we did that then we would have no way of doing a
> _real_ ref out pointer, which we really wanted to set to some already
> allocated variable.

We seem to be at odds here since the samba3-ndr does auto allocate
in the client libndr.  I was not aware that the Samba 4 generated code
did not. 

Let's clean this up next week.  

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