Best choice for ntlm_auth's access to winbindd_privileged directory

Henrik Nordstrom henrik at
Thu Sep 14 22:21:40 GMT 2006

fre 2006-09-15 klockan 07:46 +1000 skrev Andrew Bartlett:

> No, it is not.  The binary does not enforce any more security control
> over the critical point (being able to specify the challenge) than the
> raw socket does.

Perhaps it should?

What do you think about refusing those explicitly keyed operations when
sgid (egid != gid), allowing for ntlm_auth setgid to kind of publish the
challenge/response authentication mechanisms in a reasonable manner to
the whole system without having to move the challenge generation to

Is there any other more serious rights the privileged pipe to winbind
gives? Just trying to assess what the risk may be in opening for
possible privilege escalation bugs in ntlm_auth by having it setgid for
everyone.. but I have a feeling it will generally be less than todays
setup to be honest..  (privilege escalation into service accounts often
isn't that hard..)

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