[SAMBA3] [PATCH] AIX initgroups() error

Christian M Ambach CAMBACH1 at de.ibm.com
Mon Sep 11 12:33:05 GMT 2006

Hi Bill,

I'm answering on Andras' behalf as he is on vacation until next week.

The output of oslevel -s is 

I don't know how to reproduce the error as I am not familiar with DCE, 
The initgroups call fails for just one user in the cell, but I don't know 
yet what is so special about that user.

If you can give me some commands how to examine that user in DCE, I can 
provide you the output if that helps reproducing the problem.

Best regards,
          Christian Ambach

> >
> Jerry,
> I think I missed some of this. Where can I find the patch and I'd like 
> know more about the version of AIX and the maintenance level.
> Andras,
> Can I get an "oslevel -s"? And a (quick?) way to recreate the DCE cell 
> failure?
> Cheers,
> Bill

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