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Thu Sep 7 03:55:15 GMT 2006

Access to OS/2 shares has been very broken ever since v3.0.0. I got a lot of help from Guenter Kukkukk in trying to pin this down, and some things have been improved over the past year since he began to try to help me,
including some work on cifs to make it work with lanman. However, all versions of 3.x remain unreliable compared to v2.x. My SUSE Linux 10.0 server has samba 3.0.20b, which is where the problem is most troubling, but we
have tested much newer versions on Mandriva Cooker and SUSE 10.1, 3.0.22b last IIRC.

CIFS cannot be used because of the broken timestamps (all dirs and files show beginning of epoch). I therefore must use smbfs and am forced to hold off on any kernel upgrades for fear of losing what's left of smbfs
support. I can confirm the smbfs brokenness by testing the same shares with smbclient, which matches its brokenness. seems to describe best of existing reported bugs my problem. I don't really understand why that bug was wontfixed. Directories with > X files in them simply do not show up in
dir listings, which makes Linux to OS/2 connectivity very broken. Can this bug be reopened and fixed? Should I open a new one?

What are OS/2 users who need connectivity supposed to do, keep on using unsupported old distros that have samba v2 in them?

Please help.
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