PATCH: Fix for *xattr() support on Mac OS X

Michael Bennett michaelone-gen at
Wed Sep 6 18:35:41 GMT 2006

I found that bug report after I made my patch and sent it out because  
it didn't mention Mac OS X.

The difference between that patch and my patch is that it allows for  
operating systems other than Darwin/Mac OS X that use the same style  
*xattr() interface to be detected.  It doesn't seem very clever,  
though, since it only checks to see if getxattr() supports the extra  
parameters, and there are several functions that have extra  
parameters on Darwin/Mac OS X.  I searched around and I don't know if  
any other OS uses this style (or even if it is a standard) of  
extended attribute functions, so the usefulness of detecting this  
seems limited.  The position parameter is specific to Darwin/Mac OS X  
due to the availability of resource forks.

The flaws with that patch seems to be that it reportedly doesn't work  
and is almost half a year old.  I personally haven't tried it.

In short, I think my patch is better because the other one creates a  
new autoconf variable when it is not necessary (HAVE_*XATTR and  
DARWINOS are sufficient) and also doesn't check for the availability  
throughly enough.  Oh, I was also able to get it to compile and work  

What do you think? :-)


On Sep 6, 2006, at 8:46 AM, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> Michael,
>> In lib/system.c the wrappers for extended attribute
>> calls detect the presence of the functions
>> getxattr(), fgetxattr(), listxattr(), flistxattr(),
>> removexattr(), fremovexattr(),  setxattr(), and
>> fsetxattr() for Mac OS X, but the parameters
>> for these function calls are different on this
>> operating system.
> This patch doesn't look substantially different than
> the one attached to BUG 3698.  Can you confirm?
> cheers, jerry
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