user interfaces for samba4 or samba3 configuration

derrell at derrell at
Tue Sep 5 00:55:09 GMT 2006

"Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at> writes:

> Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>> Please let me know if there's interest in either of these projects.
>> I was planning to look at the SOC configuration library 
>> code for Samba3 - I'd be very interested in you adding
>> a front end to this !
> I really don't want ejs in Samba 3.  I'm open for discussion
> but this has a big -1 from me right now.

I wasn't proposing putting ejs in samba3.  My proposed possible samba3 project
(if not working on replacing ejs with SpiderMonkey in samba4) was to use the
new configuration library in samba3, write PHP bindings for it (using apache,
not embedding any web server or scripting language) and begin working on a gui
for configuration using the capabilities of that new library.


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