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tridge at tridge at
Mon Sep 4 22:13:45 GMT 2006


 > > None at all. C++ is a superset of C.

ummm ....

 > Except for the irritating sytactic differences we've already
 > noticed of course :-).

which is why we're having this discussion!

Not being able to declare a structure inside a structure is to me a
pretty significant loss of syntax.

> As you know, it has always been my dream eventually to have Samba
> in C++ :-). So moving closer to it is a good thing IMHO.

Do you really want to switch to C++ ??

I'm really trying to understand what the driving need behind the C++
compatibility is. If its for warnings then thats one thing, but if
you really want to switch Samba development to C++ then thats a pretty
major change and merits some discussion I think.

Cheers, Tridge

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