user interfaces for samba4 or samba3 configuration

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Mon Sep 4 18:02:30 GMT 2006

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>> > I'd also be interested in any comments you may have on developing with
>> > Qooxdoo. I've been a bit disappointed at how little of the ui
>> > mechanics is handled by Qooxdoo. I was rather hoping it might take
>> > care of more of the details :)
>> A qooxdoo (it's supposed to be all lower case) application can and is
>> intended to handle the entire gui.  If allowed to, it will handle all of
>> the details.
> Yes, qooxdoo does seem very complete with respect to UI development. As for
> the UI design, qooxdoo supports loading a UI design from an XML file I
> think...

It does, if you really want it to.  There's a package that does an XML-to-code
mapping.  From my point of view as a programmer, I'd rather write the code
directly and have explicit control over what's going on.  The package that
handles the XML still requires that you write javascript (embedded in the XML
I believe) to handle events and such.

> Seems to me that I must keep all of the variables that refer to the
> components in scope in order to refer to them in event handling functions,
> state saving/loading functions, etc. This leads to the
> function-inside-function code, that given some of the processing to be done,
> turns out messy, in my opinion.

Yes, it is a bit messy-looking, but that's javascript.  You may be able to
clean things up a bit by not using anonymous functions: name your functions
and pass the name to the event handlers.  Just watch your closures to ensure
that your functions get freed properly when they go out of scope and are no
longer needed.  (

> Any full-fledged apps using qooxdoo that I can look at?

There are a couple of full-fledge applications out there built on qooxdoo.  If
I can find them, I'll pass along links.  In the mean time, there are numerous
smaller demos ("example" and "test") on the qooxdoo web site and in the source
distribution that it would probably be worthwhile for you to examine if you
haven't already.



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