user interfaces for samba4 or samba3 configuration

derrell at derrell at
Mon Sep 4 14:50:50 GMT 2006

tridge at writes:

> If you get a chance, could you cast an eye over the newer ejs releases
> from appweb abd see if you think they will solve the problem?
> I haven't had a look at it yet myself, but I do know the appweb guys
> had planned on getting it a lot closer to ECMA.

That would have been soooo much easier.  Unfortunately, at least according to
their web site, they still haven't implemented many basic features.  Their
site says:

    The following language elements are not implemented:

        * Exceptions including try, catch and throw
        * Labeled statements including: break, continue
        * Control flow statements including: switch, while, do, export,
          import, with 
        * Regular expressions
        * The operators === !== <<< >>>
        * The prefix ++ and -- operators
        * Function, array and object literals
        * Standard object methods: toLocaleString, hasOwnProperty,
          propertyIsEnumerable, isPrototypeOf, 
        * Standard array methods: length, join, sort, reverse, slice, splice,
          push, pop, unshift, shift, toLocaleString 
        * Number and Date classes
        * Object class prototypes and class methods

To write "real" applications, all of these are nice to have.  Embedded in
samba4, it's possible to get away without some of them, but the one that pops
out as a "critical" missing feature for JSON-RPC is:

        * Function, array and object literals

That means the JSON-RPC code would have to implement parsing of the literals
in javascript.  I haven't looked in depth at how difficult the rest of a
JSON-RPC server would be to write in javascript without their other missing
features, but I suspect that lack of some of those would make the job much
more difficult than desirable.

Tridge, if you could figure out what your road blocks were when you first
researched SpiderMonkey, I'd love to hear about them.  If there's a
possibility that ejs could in fact be replace with SpiderMonkey and you're
interested in having me try to do it, let me know.



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