user interfaces for samba4 or samba3 configuration

tridge at tridge at
Mon Sep 4 14:12:46 GMT 2006


 > I have two potential exercises to play with at the CIFS conference.  If there
 > is interest from the samba4 team, I'd like to see if it's possible to allow
 > replacing ejs with SpiderMonkey (the javascript engine used in
 > Firefox).

I looked at that a while ago, and hit some roadblocks. I'll have to go
look at spidermonkey again to try to remind myself what the roadblocks
are :)

If you get a chance, could you cast an eye over the newer ejs releases
from appweb abd see if you think they will solve the problem?

I haven't had a look at it yet myself, but I do know the appweb guys
had planned on getting it a lot closer to ECMA.

Cheers, Tridge

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