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tridge at tridge at
Mon Sep 4 12:53:43 GMT 2006


 > yes, the goal should be to let c++ applications make use of our libraries.

oh, that's a diifferent goal to what I've heard discussed
previously. I thought Volker was just focussed on the useful warnings?

Is it really practical to make our libraries usable in real C++
programs, without adding a lot of C++ specific code?

Is a fairly complex C library like tdb really usable in real C++
programs?  I am certainly no C++ expert, but I thought there was a bit
more to it than just getting it to compile.

Do we have a specific project in mind that needs our libraries in C++?

I'm especially wondering whether this would limit us in the future. If
one of our goals becomes the use of our libs in C++ then that means
we'd have to make each code change with that in mind. For example, we
have planned for a while to convert tdb to use talloc internally, and
to do things like use destructures to release locks. Are there any
gotchas with that and C++ ?

Cheers, Tridge

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