ldb speed

Luke Howard lukeh at padl.com
Mon Oct 30 13:19:55 GMT 2006

>If this is made inside ldb_tdb I think we can make it fats enough.
>Or we decide to store by GUID only when told, so that for local LDBs we
>don't incur into this penalty.

You could use a GUID for foreign references and an integer ID for local
references. Or an integer ID for all references, and create proxy objects
for foreign references ("phantoms" in AD parlance), and reference those
by integer ID...

>> Renames are _rare_. It doesn't matter if they are hard to code, as
>> long as they are possible to code (and it is certainly possible!).
>Well, consider a person that drags 100 users from an OU to another.

Or (more likely) just drags an OU containing 100 users to another OU...

-- Luke

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