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tridge at tridge at
Mon Oct 30 00:35:21 GMT 2006


 > Make smbtorture's `nprocs' parameter a parametric option.

I'd like this option to remain as a normal command line option.

parametric options don't show up in --help, so options that users of a
utility will commonly want should not be parametric options. 

I don't mind parametric options being used for things that users
rarely want to change, or for enabling unusual debugging paths, but
they should not be used for things that users commonly will want to
set. The --num-progs option is probably the most commonly used option
with some parts of smbtorture (for example the NBENCH test), so it
should not be hidden from users.

It's ok to make it parametric internally if you like, if the aim is to
make it not a global variable, but please leave it in the popt table,
and have the popt code set the parametric option using

Cheers, Tridge

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